Nothing remarkable has happened running-wise since our trip to Tenerife, the most memorable feat being enduring 10+ days of incessant rain (mostly pouring…) and strong winds during our last days in Coruna. The only good thing about the rain was that it made somewhat easier our goodbyes to our friends and our Orsi’s favourite running places: the Tower of Hercules and the Coruna waterfront.
So, the New Year has bought us back to New Zealand and sunny (and windy) weather in the southern hemisphere. After bidding farewell to our close group of friends in Galician-style – midst of abundant ham, tortilla and empanada – we left on our long plane journey to arrive in Wellington, New Zealand on the 13th of January.


Everyone enjoying getting together and having a few wines and beers at our farewell party in Coruna
Thanks to our friend Silvana from Migas for the lovely cake
With Bernardo – a local running legend who was kind enough to host our going away party at Jamoneria La Leonesa

The weekend we arrived we headed to Lake Taupo where a good friend of ours was getting married amidst the magical surroundings of Whangahnui Bay. The wedding was not what you would normally expect. Our friends Kathy and Dom being avid outdoor types, as well as authentic and lovely people, chose for the location of the ceremony and following party the spot where they had been coming to camp and climb for years. Guests were warned to preferably arrive in a four wheel drive and required to pitch tents for accommodation. The ceremony itself included some bush trekking and a (optional) swim in a gorgeous lake with a waterfall. We even had a go at rock climbing the following day – the bride’s and the groom’s way of expressing their gratitude for our presence.

On way to our friends Wedding, Our first road trip back in New Zealand
Early morning sunrise at Whanghanui Bay – where we camped
Everyone arriving and pitching tents for the weekend of fun
Cliffs where local and travelling climbers come to experience great climbing in the bay

Our bodies were still in recovery mode after the long flight, which forced us to limit our running activity to some easy exploratory jogs around where we were.

Some great somewhat steep trails in Belmont Park
Getting our Mountain Bikes out for a ride along to Red Rocks on the southern coast of Wellington
Chan’s favourite – Korokoro stream trail

The last week was mostly spent trying to set ourselves up for the new life, as well as getting back our lost hill running skills. Our goal was to get out as much as we can to make use of what’s left of summer, our legs, however, haven’t entirely come to support this plan. Nevertheless, we have revisited quite a few of Chan’s regular running routes – to his great pleasure and Orsi’s sometimes tearful pain. Having access to our mountain bikes we’ve also made a few attempts at getting back on the wheels. At any rate, with our first the Tarawera Ultramarathon in Rotorua with its 62 kms only two weeks away, we are not doing anything strenuous, although we haven’t really put much effort into training.