As I guess it happens to most knitters these days, since I’ve discovered my new passion, I’ve spent countless hours roaming the internet in search of patterns, tutorials, information on yarns and inspiration. One place I like to return to is the Fringe Association blog written by Karen Templer. She has a great taste and also really cool ideas. One of these is what she calls Hatalong, which I find simply brilliant, and also loads of fun! She proposes a beanie pattern for her readers to knit and share photos of on Instagram. This is a great way to try out something new, without having to settle on a particular pattern by yourself, plus you get a good bunch of virtual knitting buddies! Not quite the same as having your private knitting get together in your favourite café or your living room, but still really cool.

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Thesis or beanie, that is the question…. 😉

Two editions of Hatalong have taken place so far, and I was really excited to participate in the more recent one, posted on 16 April. The proposed pattern was L’Arbre Hat by Cirilia Rose (from her book Magpies, Homebodies, and Nomads), a joy to knit!

Since I couldn’t get hold of any of the yarns recommended by the designer in local shops, and didn’t feel like spending much time on trying to find an online dealer (or spending money on delivery for a single yarn ball), I settled for a budget option and got some Drops Big Merino (colour forget-me-not). I used 4 mm needles for the ribbing and 5 mm needles for the rest of the project and knitted the pattern as it is – taking into account the errata provided on Karen’s blog.  I must say I’m quite happy with the result, as the yarn has an awesome stitch definition*, and the beanie just looks and fits perfect (to my eyes anyway…).

Thesis + coffee + finished beanie

Can’t wait to see what’s going to be there for the next Hatalong to be announced in June. Meanwhile, take some time to look at the #fringehatalong hashtag on Instagram to check out the whole lot of L’Arbre hats!

Celebrating finished beanie with Galician craft beer... (in reality starting Saturday movie night)
Celebrating finished beanie with Galician craft beer… (in reality starting Saturday movie night)

*After finishing this project my heart kind of sank to find out that a lot of people had trouble with this yarn growing an awful lot when wet. I guess I might try and go without washing my precious beanie… or rather swatch and experiment with the leftover yarn and see what happens.


Pattern: L’Arbre Hat by Cirilia Rose

Yarn: ~1.3 skeins of Drops Big Merino (in colour forget-me-not)

Needles: 4 mm and 5 mm